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Indeksacija Vaše web stranice

Ones the website is created, I am setting up the website on a leased server. However, just setting up a website on the server is not enough that the site is indexed, located in the database and visible in search results. It’s necessary to log in to a search engine. Search engine has many, certainly the best known are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search engines operate as follows: After logging on a particular search engine, the browser sends robots (spiders) which indexes your website. He is particularly interesting in meta tags, keywords, titles, links, how the page is created, and most importantly, its content. In addition, there are many factors that are business secrets of search engines. Search engine locates indexed content in his own database. Basically, the most important thing is to have quality content on your website and well done SEO optimization. It’s also very useful to have links on other sites pointing to your website, and to use the social networks.

From logging to indexation will take some time, sometimes it's a couple of months. Also can happen that the browser it’s not indexed a website after logging if the content of the website is inadequate.

Log in to search engines is a very important process of promoting your website. Search engines after log in send users to your website. The user usually requires some information, product or service and entering a keyword or phrase. Search engine compares that expression with the content in his own database and returns to the search results. If your keywords more like the user's query, the more likely that he will visit your website.


Tražilice su izuzetno važan izvor posjetitelja Vaše web stranice


Google tražilica je u vlasništvu tvrtke Google. Google je svakako najkorištenija tražilica na internetu. Osim tražilice Google ima poduži popis svojih proizvoda i usluga. Jedan od servisa ove tvrtke je YouTube. YouTube je popularna mrežna usluga za razmjenu videozapisa.

Ostale tražilice

U odnosu na Google ostale tražilice mnogo su manje zastupljene u pretraživanju interneta. Najpoznatije su:

  • Bing - web tražilica koja je u vlasništvu tvrtke Microsoft.
  • Yahoo - web tražilica koja je u vlasništvu tvrtke Yahoo.


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