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Your domain is your online identity and it's unique on the web. There is no other page in the world, that can have the same domain as yours. Visitors use your domain to see your website. When the domain is written in the address bar of a browser, DNS servers translate your domain into an IP address of your server, sending to visitor files they can see in their own browser. For example, when you input the following domain the DNS server translates its domain into the IP address of the server.

An IP address is a unique address of a computer or any other device connected to the internet. It's a combination of four numbers from 0 to 255. For example an IP address can look like the number Instead of memorising such a number (which can change since it's dynamic), visitors simply inputs the textual equivalent in the address bar, f.e.

In the Republic of Croatia, CARNet is responsible for domain registration. The nacional "hr" domain is free, and only legal entities (companies, associations, etc.) and people with proper registration (atrisans, doctors, atrists, etc.) can use it in Croatia, whereas other domain are commercialized. Since the entering of Croatia in the European Union, all legal entities have been granted the registration of "eu" domains.

I offer free support in the registration of a domain for all clients who do not have one. Actually, the whole process of registration is included in the website development.


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